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Genealogy Only Directories

A good way to begin looking for family history Web pages is to start with genealogically-specific directories and search engines.  While these will by no means encompass every  family history site on the Internet, they do provide an easy way to weed out sites which do not contain genealogy-related information.

Genealogy Directory at

If you are looking for information on a specific genealogy topic such as census research, immigration, or online lessons, then this genealogy directory is an excellent place to start.  The genealogy sites listed in this directory have been selected as being outstanding in their topic.  They are organized into over 60 categories and each Web site includes a brief description/review so that you know what to expect before following the link.  If you are unsure which category to look in, then you can search the entire directory for specific keywords (use the search box above this article). 

One advantage to using this type of genealogy directory is that the Web sites which are included have been organized and compiled by a human, not a computer.  A real person has reviewed these sites and found them useful.  What some consider to be a disadvantage of directories, however, is that they do not include all Web sites on a specific topic.  So if you are looking for every last Web page on the Internet which relates to your surname, a genealogy directory will not provide you with what you want. A second disadvantage of directories is that the definition of "useful" used by the compiler of the directory may differ from yours.  They are, however, an excellent place to go when you don't have a specific surname or site in mind and want to discover and explore the many great Web sites available for genealogists.  Choose a subject of interest, click on a link, and you are off!

In addition to the Genealogy Directory at, some other genealogy directories which you may want to try include:


Cyndi's List


Genealogy's Most Wanted


The Genealogy Home Page

There are times, however, when a directory just isn't going to contain the information that you are searching for.  This is especially true in the case of surname specific Web pages.  While genealogy directories will often list family Web pages, they don't even come close to listing them all.  This is where search engines step up to bat.