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Searching for Genealogy


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Genealogical Search Engines


You may have used genealogy directories to search for you ancestors; there 

are also genealogy-specific search engines. They work in the same way as the regular search engines, on genealogical sites.  This will eliminate the non-genealogy sites 

because something on one of the pages matches your search criteria.

Genealogy-specific search engines allow you to look for only those sites which pertain to genealogy and family history.  Keep in mind that when you use genealogy-specific search engines, you will not need to use words like "genealogy" in your search terms.  These sites, by their very nature, are about genealogy, and using such words as search terms will not help to focus your results.  Several good genealogy-specific search engines are:


Ancestry Search - Ancestry includes a library of databases (some free, some available by subscription), a "links station" to 3200 other genealogy sites, a genealogy shop, and access to GEDCOM files.


Google Groups - the largest archive on the Net, which includes Usenet newsgroups and other popular forums


Genealogy Toolbox - Helm's Genealogy Toolbox consists of seven sites designed to provide the tools necessary for genealogists to use the Internet to discover their family's history.

GenSearcher - All-in-One Genealogy Search Page which offers convenient, one-stop, on-line research with over a hundred genealogy search engines, surnames databases and indexes from the best resources on the internet.

Family Finder - Search Web Sites, Family Archives, Online data, Social Security Death Index, family trees of royalty, politicians.


FEEFHS - Federation of East European Family History Societies. Internet Search Engines that Can Find Genealogy Stuff.


I Found It! - This genealogy web search has been a free resource to the Internet Genealogy Community since it's inception in 1996. While visiting the Gensource pages, be sure to make use of all the free resources offered for genealogy research, including Common Threads and I Found It! Archives


Nedgen.netsystem - NedGen indexes your family tree and genealogy sites in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Passenger lists.


Rootsweb Genealogy Search Engines

This page has links to all the Rootsweb search pages.


Standard Search Engines


These search engines are all excellent reference tools for finding family history  Web pages, but they are only as good as the pages that are submitted to them. For each Web site which they contain, there are many, many more genealogy-related pages that they do not have indexed.  So how do you find those 

pages? This is where learning to use the standard search engines effectively comes in.  Go to different Search Engines and read the help section and learn how that particular search engine wants you to submit your search.


Here are a few good Search Engines but there are many more out there.







Mailing Lists


What is a Mailing List? A mailing list (or email list or simply "list") is email that is shared between subscribers to a list that is devoted to a particular topic or interest. It might be a group of professionals talking about technical matters or people talking about a hobby or a lifestyle or just people chatting about whatever they want to talk about.  This will explain about Mailing List and Listserves.


Genealogy Resources - This is John Filler's page on mailing lists. The mailing lists on this site are divided into five categories. 


RootsWeb's - A complete index to RootsWeb's 20,784 genealogy mailing lists!


Roots-L - ROOTS-L is a mailing list for people who are interested in any or all aspects of genealogy, anywhere in the world. We're the original Internet genealogical mailing list, and the largest. But that doesn't mean we're not interested in new faces, new queries, new knowledge


Message Board


What is a Message Board   Messages to subscribers appear at a Web site and you can go to read them. They don't come to your mailbox. Otherwise, the protocols are pretty much the same as mailing lists.  


RootsWeb Surname Message Boards




What is a Newsgroup?  - Collections of related messages (also called articles) on a particular topic that 

are posted to a news server by users, which then distributes them to other participating servers. There are thousands of newsgroups covering a wide range of subjects. You must subscribe to a newsgroup in order 

to participate in it or to track the discussion on an on-going basis. Newsgroups are found primarily on Usenet.


USENET NEWSGROUPS - many of these newsgroups have gateway mailing lists (postings to the newsgroup are also sent to the mailing list subscribers and vice versa) which provides an alternative means of accessing the newsgroup postings.




Cindy's list adoptions




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