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          Online Genealogy Class



           Instructor: Kathy Wedyke





      Genealogy Interviewing Questions

1.  What is your full name and is there a reason you were given this name?


2.  Where were you born? Were there any interesting stories about that event?


3.  What do you remember about your childhood?


4.  What were your bothers and sisters names (full name if possible,) what were there ages, birthdays 

      and what were they like? 


5.  Where and when were your parents born? What were their occupations and what were they like?


6.  Do you remember your grandparents. What were their full names? Do you remember any stories about

      them? What did they look like?


7.  Did you know your great grandparents? What were their full names? Do you have any stories about 



8.  Where did you live?


9.  What county/counties did your family live in?


10. Do you know who in the family originally immigrated to this country? Where did they come from? 

       Why did they leave their native land?


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